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What Water 2021

A collaboration with Nir Segal

Each day during the exhibition, a group of people, pre-selected according to a common water-themed context, will gather around the table/well. They will be examined like a drop of seawater under a microscope. Among them will be fishermen, plumbers, divers, mermaids, mikveh attendants, and people who do not drink water.


Each group will follow the message that water needs slake the world’s thirst, as perceived by its members. Springing from the groups’ wells of personal identities, the water will seek the sea, only to be dammed up by the action of branding it in bottles. The labeled bottles, which for the visitors will be the sole testimony to what has happened in the workshop, will be showcased and offered as artworks to the highest bidder at an auction anchoring the exhibition.

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